Ep 3: Yoga Training for deep transformation and healing

Yoga Teacher Training with Maria Toso is heavily inspired by Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. The second verse of the first book in the Yoga Sutra states: "Yoga is the cessation fo the fluctuation of the mind". The true purpose of yoga is to clear the mind (citta) of all the incessant chatter as well as the deep wounds that make us reactive and anxious. Only then can we experience and live from our True Nature, the Divine Light that permeates us all. True peace and relief from anxiety is found when we are not at the mercy of the stories that are running unchecked through the mind. More about yoga teacher training: CLICK HERE.

Ep 2: You are emotionally triggered, now what?

You are emotionally triggered, now what?
How do you treat yourself? The other? When the inner storm flares up, you need to give yourself some space, breathe, calm your nervous system. Only then might you be able to separate your true Self out from that something within you that is reacting and wants to take over. Take a listen to my latest podcast on emotional triggers.

Ep 1: Heal your relationships from the inside out with Maria Toso

Your romantic relationship is your most potent and sacred vehicle for genuine inner growth.
It's where your emotional triggers are most likely to show up and to the extent that you are able to not react outwardly, you might instead tune into the deeply uncomfortable vibration in the body. That is your sacred roadmap to the energetic location of your deepest wounds -- in yoga we call them samskaras.