My coaching method is unique in that it is not formulaic but tailored to you. Together we assess where your immediate obstacles are and we start to clear them immediately. Your Spirit is always calling for more integration into your life and you having been drawn to this page, is an indication of your desire to live more authentically in alignment with you Higher Self. 

We all have barriers, or you might say less illuminated areas of our mental, emotional and physical bodies.Through a therapeutic yoga approach we start to bring these barriers to light and that is often the biggest step. Once there is awareness, you begin to witness very clearly how you block growth and regress into old patterns. Old patterns are often felt as deep emotional discomfort in the gut, "I am there again!" -- and if you, in that moment, can refrain from having out some big drama with whoever happens to have triggered the old pattern -- then we start to, compassionately, dismantle what doesn't serve us. 

I know that it may hurt

You uncover the hidden wounds that hold you back and send you false messages about what to expect in the world. I bring your awareness to the in-congruent beliefs and behaviors that are hindering your journey. I help you heal and claim your power. You uncover the forgotten pain that's still lingers in hidden corners of your being and trips up your best efforts to be your highest potential. You feel it to heal it. 

I know that it will heal

You become the True you. Surrendering to your Divine purpose and path and live in the joy of giving your gifts to the World. Inch by inch you find yourself expressing and being more deeply the real you, in the world. Relationships that are not based in love fall away and you attract deeper and more authentic relationships. You find the courage to take the necessary steps toward your true calling. Together, we mindfully map out a plan for how to get you from here to there and magically your Spirit guides stand by to assist us and help see you through. You set goals and make promises and in no time you see major shifts and changes in your life. 

How does it work? 

I will help you map out your present life; take an inventory and find out where, as we say in Danish, the shoe is pinching. In other words, what are the areas of your life that feel inflamed and where do you feel that you are not being your authentic True Self? Surprises may occur this early in the process. Just by writing and speaking about what is going on in different areas of your life, issues can become apparent. I will also teach you methods for connecting to your Divine guidance system that surrounds you at all times. Through simple techniques and sometimes life style changes, you will start to notice and acknowledge the many miracles and examples of guidance and healing that is showered upon you. My goal is that you walk away every bit as intuitively connected as I am with techniques for balanced living that are yours for life. 

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