Walking in full awareness of who we are

I wonder if it's possible to walk through a whole day, from waking in the morning to going unconscious at night, with out ever forgetting who we are? That we are Divine Light inhabiting physical bodies and that Divine guidance is ours for the asking, every minute of the day. Can prayer be intravenous, can the communication with the mothership - or Highest Selves - be constant and can we allow our thinking, our emotions and our actions to be guided from that place, every minute of one whole day? 

Is it possible to stay above the fog of forgetfulness - of slipping into the illusion that the other is not me and that what I do to the other is not actually done directly onto me....?  

Maybe the very act of forgetting our Divinity and falling into matter so far that we truly think and feel that we are all alone is how we exercise, again and again the ability to elevate our Being to a state of constant Divinity. To be in the darkness so deeply that recognizing our True Nature as Divine Beings is the only way out.  

That the wounds inflicted when we dwell in the ignorant state of duality are exactly where the Light finds it's way into our Being. All the way into our Being. Shines its Light into the dark corners that don't yet know God. Our Shadow, the part of us that is still kept hostage by the ego. And finally surrender into the arms of the only true salvation. The Divine Light of God in each of us. That was there all along.