Ssshhh…deep breath….quiet time

Meditation is often the most overlooked of the yogic practices but arguably the most important. It allows you the stillness necessary to drop into your True Self. In Yoga we call it Purusha - the Divine part of you that doesn’t identify with the stories, intrepretations and traumas that have left sense impressions in your mind, or citta as we would say in yoga.

Our modern minds are incredibly busy but stilling the mind is a skill that can be learned and practiced. It is my hope that the recorded meditations practices you find below may help you soothe and quiet the mental chatter and give you an experience of the calm, radiant Light that is you.

FEATURED: Unconditional Love Meditation

We suffer greatly when we fail to accept love into our life. When, out of fear and past hurt, we contract against love and become hard. This meditation is an invitation to let yourself accept love into your life, into your body, into your heart. It begins with a body scan that will open you up to a deeper connection to your body, to the present moment and from there you will meditate on fully opening to uncondtional love from yourself, from people around you, from God.