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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training: 

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Saint Paul College with Maria Toso will inspire and empower you to be an exceptional teacher who is willing to walk to the true path of the yogi, one of lifelong growth, humility and compassion.

During the semester long program (divided into 5 courses -- and may be divided into several semesters), you will be invited to strengthen your asana practice, expand your mind and open your heart. The lead teacher, Maria Toso, RYT-500 brings over 25 years of experience and is committed to providing exemplary instruction in a safe and compassionate learning environment.

You will deepen your understanding and experience of the classic asanas, therapeutic yoga, meditation and the history and philosophy of yoga. This training will be a milestone in your life that will reach deeply into all aspects of your life.  Maria teaches the following courses at SPC: asana, teaching methodology, yoga philosophy/history and meditation and relaxation. To learn more about gaining your 200 hour teacher training certificate CLICK HERE.

St Paul Yoga Center:

Gentle Beginners Yoga

Gentle Beginners Yoga incorporates aspects from various yogic styles and philosophies to provide deep rest and relaxation for the mind, body and spirit. Class may include restorative poses, long luscious holds, gentle asana, breathwork, meditation and nidra. An gentle and healing class to clear your mind and relax your body, and is appropriate for all levels offering the perfect balance to a more active practice. This class will help to heal your body, mind, and spirit and is the perfect class to prepare for a sound night's rest. 

Saturday at 8:45AM


yoga nidra

Gentle Yoga incorporates aspects from various yogic styles and philosophies to provide deep rest and relaxation for the mind, body and spirit. Class may include restorative poses. Offered regularly as a workshop. 

Buy Yoga Nidra CD for home practice. 

Recovery Yoga

Maria specializes in teaching yoga and meditation to students in drug & alcohol recovery. She teaches both male and female clients, as well as the staff, at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Minneapolis, (Park Avenue Center, The Heights Women's Center and People Incorporated). 

Thereapeutic Soma Yoga Session:

When muscles become chronically contracted from experiences in the body of mis-use, injury, trauma, or physical and emotional stress, the body becomes imbalanced. Somatics will improve your quality of life. You will be guided on how to use breathing techniques to stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system and move the body from a constant state of stress to a new found relaxed resilience. Muscles are released, relaxed and balanced through the use of somatic movements which focus the brain specifically on the contracted muscles and movement patterns. This simple process can undue years of chronic tension and pain. Strength and stability are built ounce by ounce with techniques of Yoga Therapy to help you find more ease and greater freedom. You will notice posture and function return to normal, flexibility return, and overall energy and quality of life increase since you require much less effort to do daily things. Get out of pain, gain function and freedom.

Price: $125.  Contact me to schedule.











Immerse yourself more deeply in profound healing practices. See upcoming workshops: CLICK HERE

Golden Rule Building:

All-levels Yoga noon on Thursdays

(contact me for details)

Judicial Center:

All-levels Yoga 12:00PM on Monday

(this class is currently being subbed by Sarah Hauss. I will teach it again in the summer months)

Watch me in sweet Yoga-dance performance on  Youtube - click here!




What is Yoga Nidra?


Yoga Nidra is also known as "yogic sleep" and is a guided meditation into a deep state of relaxation in which you will hover in the space between sleeping and waking; your body will be asleep while your mind remains awake.

In this space you will set a "sankalpa," which is a resolve based on your heart's deepest desire, spoken inwardly, in the present tense. When you state your sankalpa in a state of deep relaxation, it is like planting a seed deeply into the subconscious, from where it can bloom and manifest in your life.

The effects of practicing Yoga Nidra are deeper than sleep. Many people experience a freedom from anxiety and the ability to simply relax when they want to after making yoga nidra practice a regular part of their life.

Buy Yoga Nidra CD for your home practice; a regular practice will provide deep lasting benefits. 


 "The yoga nidra was a very soothing yet powerful exercise - and I would instantly feel my bones and muscles relax on the mat as Maria's soothing voice permeated the room. It was heavenly."

– Susan Broderick, Washington D.C.

 "I LOVE Maria's meditation CDs. The sound quality is excellent and she has such a great voice for the recordings. I have looked at other Yoga Nidra and meditation tapes but Maria's are the best. Browse Amazon, listen to some samples and you will hear the difference. I have found Maria's CDs to be very effective. 

–  Monica Schultz, Frankfort, MI