Sep/Oct:Training: Restorative with Somatics Training I and II

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Sep/Oct:Training: Restorative with Somatics Training I and II


Learn how to guide others through Somatic & Restorative practices that release deep seated stress and anxiety

Date: (Saturdays) September 28 & Oct 5, 2019

Time: 2:30PM-6:30PM

Location: St Paul Yoga Center, 1162 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

This two-part training will teach you how Somatics combined with Restorative Yoga can help you and your clients access forgotten anxiety and tension and finally release it. You will explore how Somatics involves the brain, muscles, and the nervous system.
Learn how to incorporate Somatics into a restorative yoga practice that will help anyone improve posture and gain greater body awareness. I will share with you how I have successfully integrated Somatics into my own life and taught my students how to release chronic pain and anxiety. 

This Training is:

  • Great for yoga and movement instructors wanting to deepen their teaching in therapeutic yoga and gain CEUs.

  • Wonderful for the curious yoga student who wants to deepen their body awareness and physical practice as well as how to assist others in the practice.

  • Fantastic for bodyworkers & healers such as PTs, OTs, Chiropractors & Massage Therapists to add a Somatic dimension to their professional skill set.

If you have been curious about Somatics, this is the workshop to get you more acclimated to its powerful affects.

Often what is perceived as 'tight muscles' that need to be 'stretched' is simply tension that has taken root and that we have lost touch with. In Somatics, we guide our awareness and Breath into these areas of forgotten tension and achieve deep muscle release and freedom. 

We use pranayama (guided breath) to focus our awareness on healing our bodies.

During the first part of this training, you will be guided through Somatics exercises followed by classic restorative poses. We will end with a guided savasana practice called, Yoga Nidra during which you will experience an even deeper level of relaxation.

The second part of the training is focused on the art of teaching the practice. This will be a hands-on experience and you will learn how to assist students, clients or friends in how anyone can be guided into areas of tension and learn to release from deep within. You will learn to assess where tightness is present in your own or someone else's body and which somatic exercises are appropriate for healing. You will learn to pair Somatic practices with classic restorative poses for a much more profound and rejuvenating restorative practice. 

This workshop will put you in touch with the inherent capacity for self-healing that anyone possesses. You will do so by accessing the deep peace that resides at the core of your own Being and you will learn simple techniques for lowering anxiety and stress while receiving the immediate benefits of the practice.  

Tension is our way of blocking out awareness of our body. Tension is a kind of wall… our eco-conscious mind puts up to keep the body at a distance, to keep what the body knows – all of the feelings, all of the unpleasant memories, all of the unwanted experiences, ... Identifying tension, entering tension and releasing tension is a way of softening the boundary between the vast unconscious knowledge of the body and our defensive, paranoid conscious mind.

- Reginald Ray, Phd and Somatic Meditation Teacher

Please don't drink caffeine for at least 3 hours prior to class. If you can then make sure you don't have anything demanding on your schedule after class. 

This workshop will earn you continuing education hours through the Yoga Alliance. 

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