Couples' 4-week Coaching Process

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Couples' 4-week Coaching Process


Your romantic relationship is your most potent and sacred vehicle for genuine inner growth. It's where your emotional triggers are most likely to show up and to the extent that you are able to not react outwardly, you might instead tune into the deeply uncomfortable vibration in the body. That is your sacred roadmap to the energetic location of your deepest wounds -- in yoga we call them samskaras. 

With practice a couple can learn to pull the projections back inside and find the true source of pain: the stagnant or blocked places in the energy field of the body that were created by former experiences and memories. When two loving people choose to embrace these inner hurting places in both self and the other, with presence and empathy, they gradually soften and cease to show up so dramatically in the outer world.

Consider the possiblity that we are here to grow and learn and that we are mystically drawn to exactly the person who will not only feel like we have come home but who will also shine their bright light straight into the parts of ourselves that are most in need of attention and healing.

A private couples’ process is a commitment to 4 sessions where we dive deep into what runs each of you below the surface. It is a transformational experience where we bring awareness to the thoughts, feelings and assumptions that prevent us from truly seeing and hearing the one we are with.

We will work with the yogic approach to old wounds and memories and how we interpret our life and the actions of others’ through our own less than clear lens. Each person will be challenged to recognize their own contribution to the current dynamic and will be offered an opportunity to heal old patterns of behavior.

We will tease apart what triggers each of you, how you respond/react in that state and how you can learn to self-regulate instead of blaming your partner for your feelings.

You also learn tools to support each other when the other is triggered. You become deeply aware of how your past wounds interfere with your present relationships and throgh mindfulness exercises you really can become true adults that stop acting out past hurts in your relationships.

I acknowledge you for your willingness to step into your life in a more expansive, courageous and authentic way. I am in full support of you.

Sessions take place in person or via Skype or phone.

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