Heal what hurts practice - private session

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Heal what hurts practice - private session


It is an honor and privilege to work in a one-on-one setting (in person or via Skype) with my clients, supporting them as they create a rich and fulfilling life they love.

What most often stands in the way of that is a recurring, unpleasant theme that shows up in close relationships. A private Heal-what-hurts-session is for you if you are ready to take an illuminated look at what led you to where you are in your life right now and what it will take to shift the course toward more harmony and fulfilment. This session will require that you are willing to step into the challenging and courageous work of looking at how your own inner expectations and habits play out in your life.

I will be there to guide you with the deepest of empathy and compassion because I have done, and continue to do, this work myself. It is not easy but it will open up new avenues for you that you never even dreamed possible.

To be able to manifest the relationship(s) that you desire, it is imperative that you clear out and heal the reactive emotional wounds that play out between you and others. Give yourself this dedicated one-on-one time for deep inner healing work that will bring awareness to, and ultimately uproot, the samskara (yogic term for habitual pattern) that has likely wrecked havoc in your personal life again and again.

In a private session, we use the practical tool of yoga philosophy combined with deep inquiry. A session with me will quickly reveal to you how your wounds and inner scripts interfer with your relationships.

Only through awareness, can you shower them with your own healing presence — and then begin to re-write the old story that has played out in painful ways in your life. This allows you to open up to a new chapter of your life.

During an individual Heal-what-hurts session, I will help you identify areas of growth, release untapped potential, and heal areas that are in need of immediate attention. After this process, you will be able to address the areas of your life that aren't working optimally. Blind spots will be revealed, and hidden strengths uncovered. You will see the truth: you have enormous inner resources and you do have what it takes to meet any and all issues and move through them — but it does take willingness to be quiet and listen inwardly. 

For many clients just one single Heal-what-hurts session is a milestone and a gamechanger. Clients report feeling deeply empowered by the Heal-what-hurts practices that are akin to a deep clearing out of the forgotten areas of your living space as well as a renewed sense of gratitude for the grace of inner guidance that is available to us when we become still and listen. 

If you choose to enter into a series of individual sessions, you will gradually become proficient at:

  • Becoming more and more conscious of what really happens when you are triggered.

  • Recognizing your body as your roadmap to the source of your triggers (“Something in me feels that” – separating out from the felt sensation that is acting up)

  • Knowing what is skillful coping when you are triggered

  • Understanding when to stay and when to take space

  • Understanding that blaming the person or event that triggers you is a wasted opportunity for self-exploration

  • Uncovering the unconscious script operating from inside of you — and possibly even understanding this truth about your partner as well

  • Changing the script to truly change your life

  • Forgiving — that is: releasing the stuck energy of holding a grudge(s)

An individual Heal-what-hurts-session takes 90 minutes and can be done in person at my Saint Paul office or via skype. I also offer sessions for couples who wish to do this work together.

Needs based sliding scale available - inquire by CLICKING HERE

I’ve tried other things during my life beside yoga and meditation, like medication, counseling, groups, but I’ve never found something that has such a profound and immediate effect as Maria’s Heal what Hurts practice. I plan to continue my work there, and also expand my other practices. I would recommend this approach to anyone who’s trying to unbury some past hurt. You will have to do the work, and it will be painful at the time, but the release and realization afterwards is so worth it. Special thanks to Maria, a great teacher, mentor, friend and soul, for helping me so. Dave S, St. Paul, MN


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