Fall 2019: Asana and Teaching Methodology I & II

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maria teaching at solstice retreat 2013.jpg

Fall 2019: Asana and Teaching Methodology I & II


The Breath of Life Yoga School’s 200-hour yoga teacher training is divided into 5 courses that can be taken in 6 months (currently November 2018-May 2019) or you many choose to take fewer courses and spread the length of the program out over a longer period as your time allows.

Each course is a stand alone course that you can also choose to take to deepen a certain area of your practice even if you do not have immediate plans to become a teacher. You may choose to register for the whole program ($2,700) or register for one class series at a time. CLICK HERE to see the complete course listing.

Asana & Teaching Methodology I & II

This course is held on Saturday and Sunday morning (9:30AM-1:00PM) one weekend a month (dates listed below)

  • The classic Hatha Yoga poses

  • Somatics and restorative yoga

  • Structuring a Class

  • Teaching effectively (developing cues and class presence)

  • Sequencing of Postures

  • Props & Postures

  • Adjustments

  • Student Variance

  • Developoing a Home Practice

Class weekends 2019/20:

Weekend Training Hours format:Saturday 9:30AM-1PM, Sunday 9:30AM-1PM

  1. October 18-20

  2. November 15-17

  3. December 13-15

  4. January 24-26

  5. February 14-16

  6. March 27-92

  7. April 10-12

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